How a Digital stethoscope be helpful amid COVID-19 pandemic?
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How a Digital stethoscope be helpful amid COVID-19 pandemic?

Mobile health devices are the Future! Don’t believe me? 8.0 billion dollars investment in digital healthcare industry was recorded just in the year 2018 is expected to generate around USD 111.1 billion by 2025. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the question of people's health seems to be confronting government healthcare officials and policy makers around the world. The death toll has surpassed all the previous outbreaks the world has encountered and has forced a paradigm shift in the healthcare community to provide innovative healthcare solutions. Country-specific prevention guidelines are being created and updated every day by the World Health Organization. In a recent Coronavirus disease situation report the WHO highlighted the severe strain public health systems are coming under as the pandemic continues. The Division for Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations sub-division) states: “We will overcome the COVID-19 pandemic only through effective collaboration and communication among scientists, experts, innovators and policymakers. Real-time sharing of experiences and insights will be critical in strengthening the science-policy-society interface, and contribute towards the solutions we need” Only Ingenious ideas can turn up and break new ground. This approach of the science-policy-society interface is key! The only possible way to integrate several disciplines together to find solutions. Protect Yourself and others in these difficult times, Act Smart! We all know there is no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease. “The best way to prevent is to avoid being exposed” said the CDC in a recent issue statement. Social distancing and avoiding unnecessary travel are emphasized as Lungs are the most vulnerable and evaluating them could be crucial to your health status. Even people with no signs of infection to the novel virus can be potential carriers. Keeping a tab on your health status is the answer. How to monitor your health during the outbreak? First place the virus self-replicates during the average 5-day incubation period, are your lungs. To be specific, the Upper respiratory tract. However, the signs/symptoms vary to a great extent.


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